Mosque Reopening


As per the governments guidelines places of worship are permitted to open for congregational prayers from Saturday 4th July. Al Falah will be opening from Saturday as well inshallah.

However, there will be considerable changes in place for everyone's safety as per the governments guidance.

Please familiarize yourself with the attached poster. All rules must be followed.

Key points:

● No over 70s or under 16s

● Masjid will open 15 minutes before salah and close immediately afterwards.

● Whudu must be performed from home. No whudu or toilet facilities at the masjid.

● Bring your own praymat

● Bring Bag for your shoes

● Masks must be worn

● Everyone must sign in

● Pray socially distanced in marked pray areas only.

● Follow one way system.

JUMMA SALAH: Due to the reduced capacity of only 40 we will have three jumma salahs, 130pm, 230pm and 330pm. You will have to register beforehand for capacity control purposes.

More details to follow. First Jumma will be 10th July.

جزاك الله خير احسن الجزا