Ask The Imam

Imam Kashif Ahmad graduated from Islamic Dawah Academy, Leicester, in 2009. He is a hafiz e Qur’an and well versed in Islamic theology which covers Fiqh (philosophy), Hadith (word action or habits of the prophet) and Tafseer (interpretation of the Qur’an).

Imam Kashif joined Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre in 2009, immediately after graduating. He has made great efforts in the community and his weekend madrassah classes are proving very popular, currently with over sixty children receiving Qur’an and Islamic studies.

Imam Kashif has reached out to other faith organisations and is an active participant in multi faith events. He has volunteered in HMP Chelmsford and has given talks about Islam to new recruits at Essex Police. This work is ongoing as is going to schools across the Essex region and meeting with students, giving lectures and having question answer sessions about Islam. He is a regular guest on BBC Radio Essex.

Imam Kashif is very popular with the young students and has a seasonal weekly cricket and football session. Every year we organise a family fun day in the local park and Imam Kashif plays a very large part in contributing to this event which is getting bigger year on year through his hard work and organisational skills.

The masjid is registered to conduct marriages and Imam Kashif has is always ready to attend at the wedding venues or receive couples in the masjid to solemnise the marriage.

Through Imam Kashif’s endeavours, the masjid held its first Mosque open day. This has proved so successful that we aim to have a regular event every year.