The one thing which is certain in life is death, yet with all its certainty when death takes place in a family the majority of us are unsure as to the procedures that need to be followed.

Following a death, the masjid will assist the family members in following the Islamic guidance. Please inform the masjid on 01376 802786 as soon as possible.

Where the cause of death is known, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Contact the family doctor immediately. Provided the doctor had attended to the deceased during the final illness and can verify the cause of death they will issue a medical certificate free of charge, which states the cause of death. If the death occurs at the hospital than the doctor at the hospital will issue the medical certificate.

  2. Inform the undertaker once the medical certificate has been issued. They will arrange for the body to be taken to the mortuary. We have a contract with a local funeral Director (G Collins and sons)where we have negotiated a fixed price. The funeral director will transport the body, store the body and provide washing facilities.

A close relative should take the medical certificate to the registrar of births and Deaths. They should have with them the following information: the NHS medical card of the deceased, the date and place of death, their address, date and place of birth, name and date of birth of the widow or widower.

The registrar will issue the certificate of Disposal (green certificate) - this certificate should be given to the funeral director. The death must be registered within 5 days. You can book an appointment online at or by calling 0345 603 7632. Any registry office can be used. It doesn't have to be in the same district. sometimes getting an appointment in another district may be quicker.

  1. Call the council cemetery services to book in a date and time for the burial. The council will try their best to book the burial as soon as possible. Braintree Council Cemeteries Department number is 01376 557 772.

  2. Once a date has been set for the burial a date and time will be set with the funeral director for the washing of the deceased. This would usually take place a few hours before the burial. It is recommended that at least four close relatives are present to help with the ghusal. The Imam will be present to guide the washing and prepare the Kafan.

Where the cause of death is not known, the following steps should be followed:

Where the doctor is unable to certify the cause of death they will report the death to the police who in turn will inform the Coroner. The matter will be referred to the Coroner if:

  • The deceased was not attended to by a doctor during his last illness

  • The cause of death is uncertain

  • The death was sudden, violent, or caused by an accident

The coroner will likely arrange for a post mortem examination of the body. Once the coroner confirms the cause of death they will issue a Pink form. This pink form must be taken to the registrar of Death to obtain the Green Disposal Certificate. The rest of the procedure will be the same as the above. The nearest coroner's office is in the County Hall in Chelmsford. Their number is 0333 013 5000.