Madrasa classes take place each Saturday and Sunday from 1100 to 1345. Parents are encouraged to join in the Zuhr salah at 1330. A revised timetable is in effect throughout the month of Ramadan. Children must be between the ages of five and eighteen to attend.

The syllabus covers:

  • Quran recitation, with tajweed

  • Islamic studies, covering fiqh, aqidah, seerah and Islamic history

  • Memorisation of surahs, salah and duas

  • Translation of surahs, salah and duas

Al-Falah Braintree Islamic Centre has been catering for the educational needs of our younger generations for the past 10 years. Through the hard work of our teachers, many children have been benefiting from these classes.

Our Madrasa classes are a dynamic, all inclusive, forward thinking Islamic places of knowledge. The classes endeavour to provide a truly wide range of Islamic courses covering the breadth and depth necessary to understand and carry Islam as a complete way of life in modern day Britain.

We aim to build a reputation for excellent all inclusive Islamic atmosphere for learning and we focus on enriching, empowering our youngsters with knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah. This will enable Muslims to be a guardian and to play an active and positive part in their communities without diluting the thoughts and values of Islam Insha’Allah.

Over the years much progress has been made. At present we are providing segregated education to more than 70 boys and girls over the weekends. Our qualified and experienced teachers present and teach Islam in a fully engaging and practical manner.

We follow the syllabus of As-Saffar Academy which covers fiqh, aqaidh, history, seerah and Quranic reading with Tajweed. The syllabus has been divided into six years covering all subjects in each year. Each child is given a text book, a workbook and a memorising book.

The Safar syllabus is a robust and comprehensive syllabus and that incorporates vital areas the youth need to learn in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge to be model citizens, who have a deep rooted sense of faith and belief, guided by the Quran and Sunnah.

Through the Safar programme, students learn to discover and evaluate the world around them from a Muslim perspective and by means of a broad curriculum, they will be encouraged to use and develop their gifts in a God-conscious way.

The Islamic Studies programme not only deals with the everyday aspects of rituals, worship and etiquette, but also focuses on a wider range of topics such as having good conduct, caring for community and environment and teaches Islam as a holistic way of life, being able to adapt to the modern world without compromising beliefs and actions. In order to help bring this into the students we have allocated some time for assembly where discussions take place regarding those things which relate directly to the youth.